Amy McTear is a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, Certified HeartMath® Coach, Certified Sound Healer, Life Coach and founder of One True Voice. 


Amy helps clients achieve their greatest mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health through brain training, self-awareness, emotional self-regulation techniques and learning to master one's thoughts, behavior and environment.

Amy's work draws from her training in therapeutic sound, energetic healing, spiritual counseling, psychology, mythology, HeartMath® Research, brainwave entrainment, neurofeedback, bedside music for the ill and dying and hospice work. 


She has received certification in Sound Healing through Tom Kenyon and the Acoustic Brain Research foundation and is legally ordained by ‘The Sanctuary of The Beloved’. She is also a Certified HeartMath® Coach and a NeurOptimal® Trainer.


She is the author of: WE NEED YOU and a Top Writer on

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