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What People Are Saying...

"Working with Amy and NeurOptimal® helped me reclaim steadiness and a softness in my life that had been forgotten due to intense trauma.  I feel like I got my life back.  I'm happier, more at peace and am able to get things done in a new found way that's easy and light.  My family and I are forever grateful for this incredible support and healing."   - Eva

"Using NeurOptimal was tremendous with noticeable results even after my first session. With routine use I found it completely alleviated my anxiety, leaving me feeling present, focused and at ease.  Highly recommended!" - Jude

"I have referred many clients (I’m a psychotherapist) to Amy McTear and I get consistent feedback that the work she does with them, her calm supportive presence, and having access to this very specific and unique work has been incredibly healing for them. One of my clients recently said “I feel like a new person since seeing Amy”. I’m so happy to have Amy McTear on my referral list." - Rebecca Nidorf

"An amazing, non-invasive, transformative experience! If there is something that ails you, whether physical or mental, this incredible treatment is the way to go! I look forward to experiencing more! Thank you Amy, for your kind, calming energy and for bringing this wonderful healing tool to our area!!!" - Jennifer Pena

"I’m on my 9th session of Neurofeedback and loving it! Amy is amazing; she talks to you before and afterwards to help sort your thoughts and feelings. Almost like a coaching and a Neurofeedback session in one! Overall, I feel less anxious day to day and my thoughts are clearer. There is room in my brain now to think... who knew?! :)"

- Olga Schoonmaker

"The sessions are sooo relaxing. I had a session in the middle of the day and afterwards I was energized and clear headed. I used to think “neurofeedback” was like some mild form of shock therapy and I was so wrong! It is totally non-invasive and there are no bad sensations. Just like sound waves from music register in our brain and lead to changes in our state of being, NeuMind Neurofeedback, influences your brain for the better all while you are happily zoning out. If you contact Amy McTear she can explain it and help you see how you may benefit from this service."

- Jennifer Stack


" Just wanted to thank you for a great first session yesterday- I did feel a bit tired after, as you mentioned, but that passed and I actually had a very productive rest of the day. I felt calmer and I actually got a really good night’s sleep last night and woke up at a normal time, surprised to feel relatively rested and not groggy. I basically never feel rested after sleeping, always feel tired, so this was a nice change! I feel like I’m feeling benefits already...Just wanted to let you know and thank you again- and thank you so much for your encouragement, as well. It means a lot... ❤️I look forward to next week!" - C.L., Gardiner, NY

"I felt tremendous relief and calm after the first session. Really able to touch on how I used to feel."

"I had a very good and productive session with my therapist today and  found I was able to speak calmly about traumatic things that have often been upsetting or overwhelming for me to think about or talk about in previous therapy sessions. I really felt much more grounded and settled and not feeling "activated" or "triggered." I was pleasantly surprised (I didn't realize that it could work that quickly) and the difference is really quite noticeable! If this is the result of just one session, I am really optimistic about the difference I will feel after multiple sessions-- thank you so much! I feel excited to see the long-term results... :-)" - C.L., Gardiner, NY

"I recommend checking out Neuroptimal neurofeedback. It is a very gentle, easy healing technique that is creating subtle but meaningful changes in me. I am noticing I am generally more positive and more resilient. I bounce back from challenges and difficult emotions more easily and quickly. I think it is helping to unwind grippings in my body. Amy is a great trainer, very knowledgeable, interested, and happy to answer any questions. She cares about her clients' progress and wants us all to be our best selves. Thank you, Amy!" 

- Julia Fitzgerald


"My first experience was excellent. I came in frazzled in fright or flight mode. I arose feeling strong and grounded again."

"My droopy left eye is 75% better. About 40-50% of the tension is released from my body. Feeling so much relief that I almost feel human." - Anonymous, New Paltz (after 2 sessions)

“My 14 year old son has had 12 sessions with Amy.   After the 6th or so session, we started seeing more engagement out of him at home.  After 10 sessions, he seemed more interactive with family.  He himself says he feels "brighter" after each session, and more creative.  We're still going now at 12 sessions because he likes it and the science on biofeedback is very positive." -  Harrison, New Paltz, NY 

“Today I met an aspect of myself during my Neuroptimal session with Amy. This was a part of me that I assumed was somewhat broken and afraid. She was unleashed like a genie from a bottle and called herself Grace. Nothing about her was harmed nor fearful in any way, she is pure consciousness and communes with the Universe. I feel that I Am now more in touch with my authentic self than ever before. Words cannot express my gratitude for this unfoldment. Thank you Amy”. Janet Gardner


"I knew virtually nothing about neuro-feedback when I had my first session with Amy. It was nice to go in without any preconceptions. The session itself was deeply relaxing with its combination of soothing visuals and music. Following the session and for the remainder of the day, I felt a calmness and an acute awareness of the world around me.  Perhaps one might call it an awareness of the present and a reduction in the ‘noise’ of past and future.  Adding to this experience, I believe, I could not have been in better hands than Amy McTear’s. She has a great natural intuition and deeply grounded presence, which I believe contribute to one’s ability to be open to the neuro-feedback. Simply put, I would encourage everyone to give the experience a chance, as I have no doubt many will find it effective and fulfilling.” – David S., New Paltz, NY

"I went to Amy McTear for a NeuroOptimal session with the hope I might get a "nervous system reboot," something to calm my body agitated from allergies and calm my mind, too. Amy and the session gave me that and more. I came away not only calmer but also slightly even more aware of how my mind subtly responds to activity pulsing inside and out. For the next few days I could tell that the session informed how I went through my full days with more self-awareness. Amy's calm presence and clarity assured me I was in good hands. She really is on a mission to help us each be our best selves." - Jeffrey Davis, Accord, NY

"Thanks to NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, my triggers no longer own me!" - R.W., New York, NY

"My son was on 4 different medications before using NeurOptimal. He is now off all of them." - J.H.

"I no longer overeat, over drink, have anger outbursts, no longer depressed..."  - C.P.

"So much better sleep and so much better art!" - F.G., New Paltz, NY

"After 7 years of cognitive struggles, fatigue, sleep impairment and mild depression, it was NeurOptimal that brought me back to my pre-cancer self." - Jean Alvarez

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